City Sikhs Foundation is a registered charity in England and Wales, Registration Number: 1160843.

The overall focus of the City Sikhs Foundation is to help:

  • Promote religious and racial harmony and equality within Britian and the world
  • Provide information and education to society about the Sikh community

How are your donations spent?

We are a 100% volunteer based organisation where no member of the charity is paid or receives any form of salary. So we rely completely on the generous donations, time and hardwork of our supporters and well-wishers. All the money raised goes directly towards providing the services and events that we run and the board is always prudent in it’s decisions to ensure funds are used as wisely and efficiently as possible.

Donation options

 We have donations options of £2, £5 and £10 a month. If you are wanting to donate a different amount please contact us as that can certainly be arranged.

Donate through shopping

If you love shopping at Amazon you can support City Sikhs by using the following link to do your shopping. Amazon will make a donation to City Sikhs every time you use this link.